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  생산량과 계량호퍼 및 Bag 공급방식에 따라 Air Cylinder 방식과 Servo Transfer 방식이 있습니다.
Model JS-AB700
Capacity 720~800bag/hr(10kg/bag)
1,200bag/hr(Servo type)
Weighing Method 2~3 Step Control, Loadcell Type
Weighing Accuracy ±1/1,000 ~ 1/2,000 of Full Scale
Kind of Bag Paper, PE, PE/PP
Air Consumption 980Nl/min(4~6kg/㎠)
Power Source AC220/380V, 60Hz, 5kw/hr
1) Auto Packer Scale
2) Auto Bagging Machine
3) Sewing or Sealing Machine
4) Auto Checker, Metal Detector,
    Bag Flattener
5) Feeding Conveyor System
6) Robot System
7) Pallet Dispenser
8) Feeding Chain Conveyor
9) Control Panel
Auto Packer Scale
Auto Packing System(JS-AB700)
Feeding Conveyor System
Robot & Palletizer System
Control Panel
적용범위 - Resin, Feed, Fertilizer, Powder, Particle, etc.